At The Fulworth Foundation, we believe in giving people the opportunities and resources they need to unlock their full potential. We strive to make that happen through data-driven interventions.We currently operate in Sri Lanka within the education, healthcare, and financial sectors.

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Below are some of our featured ongoing projects.

Sri Lanka Economics and Finance Olympiad (SLEFO)

Founded in 2020, the Sri Lanka Economics and Finance Olympiad (SLEFO) provides school students under 20 the valuable opportunity to showcase their knowledge in economics/finance and represent Sri Lanka at the International Economics Olympiad (IEO), the world championship in economics for high-school students.The SLEFO is fully supported by and is operated under the purview of the Fulworth Foundation. Our director, Shenal Kotuwewatta, concurrently serves as the director and team leader of SLEFO as well as an International Board member of the IEO.

The Fulworth Scholarship

The Fulworth Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to deserving students and is designed to help students overcome the challenges they face while completing their education. Fulworth Scholars join a network of high-achievers and receive access to valuable resources at their fingertips.We established a pilot of the scholarship in 2022 and awarded a total of 300,000 LKR to students who showcased high levels of potential.


Established in late 2022, Nenadila is our newest pilot initiative and is an effort to educate Sri Lankan youth in a scalable, effective, sustainable, and affordable way and develop an interest in STEM subjects from an early age.
We achieve this through free short courses in local languages Sinhala and Tamil.
The first course, started in December 2022, saw huge interest with more than 400 students registered.


Founded in 2020, the Fulworth Foundation follows a data-driven approach to initiate and support sustainable projects with high social impact.We believe that providing access to high-quality education, healthcare, and financial stability is the best way to create flourishing communities. Our ongoing projects are conducted in Sri Lanka, with potential expansion into the South Asian region.

Shenal Kotuwewatta

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